About Us

Shoemaker Insurance Services started in 2010 with the purpose of serving persons approaching  retirement with Medicare insurance and long term care financial solutions. After 15 years working for insurance companies, it was time to become independent and serve people my way.  Financial services can be a jungle for people and I  want to guide you safely through it. I have worked for a major property and casualty company and two prominent life insurance companies. This prepared me to speak knowledgeably on a broad range of financial product and services.

By going independent,  I am not influenced by corporate objectives and can stay with you as your insurance needs change.  As your needs change, you need a reliable guide you can depend upon to stay with you.

My current emphasis is helping people find the right Medicare Insurance plan for them. Additionally, I also use annuities and life insurance plans to solve long term care planning needs.  I am not securities licensed and will not do comprehensive retirement planning.  However, I do have professional relationships with people who can assist with this type of service.

Regarding Medicare insurance, I do more than merely enroll people. Any online service or 1-800 service can do that. I  do more; I evaluate and compare plans for cost effectiveness, find the plans that your doctors are contracted with and explain  the specific plan benefits of your plan properly.  Guiding you through the jungle of rules and programs  of Medicare is important. Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans have different enrollment rules. I assure that persons qualified for Prescription Drug plan Low Income Subsidy/Extra Help get enrolled.

You don’t have to wander alone through the jungle of financial services and Medicare insurance plans. Have me walk alongside you and show the way to the right solutions for your needs.