Affordable Long-term Care Solutions

Affordable Long-Term Care Solutions   Have you ever thought you might wake up in a hospital facing months or years of recovery? Then, suppose someone said it could have been shorter if you had an advocate with an Advance Directive helping you? Someone who would make quick decisions keeping treatments moving smoothly. Now, suppose instead […]

Traveling with Medicare away from Home

Before traveling, review your Medicare plan for key features. Check your emergency services options. Also, look for covered urgent care centers available along your route. See if can you temporarily transfer your plan to where you are going. And, can you get ALL of your medications refilled out of state? Get Trip Insurance if you […]

Medicare Cover International Travel?

How does Medicare cover international travel? It helps to know what is covered ahead of time so you can plan and add to your coverage if you choose before you leave. How health plans work when you are out of the country Many health plans may provide out-of-network coverage when you travel outside of the […]