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Regarding Advantage plans;

               Doctors – not all doctors are on a plan; either because they don’t want to be, they haven’t properly contracted  for plans, or they operate under a group name. A good agent knows how to navigate these issues and find the plans your doctor will or is serving. Sometimes there are backdoor solutions that allows a person to get the right plan,  it just takes an extra step or two to get things organized ultimately.

               Drugs – not all drugs are covered and a little research may clarify whether an alternative can be considered. Also, shopping plans may disclose substantial cost differences that may be a deal saver. How do deductibles, pharmacy choice, mail order vs pharmacy, differences in tier level affect pricing. Are there ways to save money

               Reviewing the details – missing or overlooking a detail may lead to sticker shock such as having a high Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) limit when a similar plan may have a much lower MOOP. Explaining the differences in co-pays or coinsurance for important benefits such as hearing aids or dental plans may save a lot of money.

               Professional expertise – what’s not covered or inadequately by a Medicare plan? If you travel out of country, is “worldwide coverage” sufficient and how does it work? Perhaps trip insurance would make a huge difference. Other uncovered costs may be a concern when properly explained. What alternatives are there?

Regarding Medigap or Supplement Plans

                Explain the Differences in Premiums and Underwriting Requirements  – These plans follow a standardized format. Their primary differences are the premiums charged and the underwriting standards they follow.  A plan may begin as a “bargain” compared to plans from other companies. Over the years, the premiums may rise above their peers – why? The differences in underwriting rules may give some plans a competitive edge by excluding certain risky groups.  How do find the most affordable plan and pass their underwriting requirements?


I gather information for you from many sources to answer your questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question; give me a call. I can answer your questions about Medicare and plans in Arizona, California and Texas.

Below are many video answers to commonly asked questions:

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