Veterans who coordinate Medicare benefits have learned 5 critical lessons.

Veterans Have Great Drug Benefits With the VA.

Lesson one. With VA healthcare you can get premium-free drug benefits from VA pharmacies or mail order.

Sometimes VA drug benefits do not work for you. Your nursing home may be outside of the VA health system. However, you may get your drugs with a Medicare Part D drug plan or a Part C plan with drug benefits affordably.

Can’t afford your drugs – Low income? You may qualify for Extra Help. It helps people afford their Part D drug plan costs. Apply for Extra Help online at

Veterans Coordinate Medicare Benefits to Fill in the Gaps.

Lesson two. You get VA healthcare with a priority rating system. It sets what you pay and will get. You may have healthcare gaps. Do you get dental or vision care?. Also, emergency healthcare may be limited. Medicare plans fill in the gaps.

VA Healthcare May Be Far From Where You Live or When Traveling.

Lesson three. VA healthcare may be far from home. Use Medicare for routine healthcare locally and the VA for specialty care. Also, save travel money – get some specialty care through Medicare. Ask your VA doctors how.

Congress Renews VA Benefits Annually.

Lesson four. Medicare plan benefits are more stable and the same for all members. VA healthcare benefits are funded by Congress. And Congress can change VA funding every year.

Medicare plus VA healthcare is more stable. You get regular healthcare plus VA specialty care. Note, Medicare and VA healthcare do not coordinate directly.

VA Has Special Or Some Cheaper Benefits

Lesson five. Veterans learn to find or stretch dollars. Stretch your dollars by comparing VA benefits to Medicare benefits. My Dad got hearing aids for free at the VA – cheaper than his Medicare plan! Also, the VA has help for long term care costs not covered by Medicare. Look into the “Aid and Attendance” and “Housebound Allowance” programs. Learn how these programs work before you need them. Also, scroll through the VA website. Discover how much is available to you.

Learn More About Coordinating Benefits.

Additional information is available. See the latest video newsletter. Also the VA website at

Learn more about how veterans coordinate Medicare benefits. Contact Larry Shoemaker to learn how.

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